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Heli Transair is a leading German aviation service provider with a diversified range of offers: we train helicopter pilots, carry out passenger and cargo flights, develop customised helicopter events, manage our own maintenance facility and distribute the helicopter type Guimbal Cabri G2.

Heli Transair’s roots lie in Egelsbach, near to the Frankfurt International Airport and the fast-growing economic centre Frankfurt …

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From our sightseeing and trial-course offers

Experience an unforgettable day
Sightseeing Flight over Southern Hesse
99 /Person
Flight Time 15 Min.

You certainly have never seen the
Rhine-Main area like this before.

Frankfurt`s Skyline
199 /Person
Flight Time 30 Min.

On par with Frankfurt’s
bankers and brokers. 

Helicopter Trial Course
299 /Person
You fly a Guimbal Cabri G2

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Breaking News

Dangerous Goods – Radioactive Medication
09 Oct 2014
09.10.2014 17:33
Flight with Dangerous Goods – Radioactive Medication

Thursday morning at the Egelsbach Airport. The two fastest Heli Transair helicopters take off with special cargo on board. This time it is not about components for the automotive industry, but about the safe transport of radioactive medication.

09.10.2014 17:33
The State Government of Hesse and the Aquitaine Regional Council are Guests at Heli Transair
08 Sep 2014
08.09.2014 17:33
The State Government of Hesse and the Aquitaine Regional Council are Guests at Heli Transair

Egelsbach, 04.09.2014. For approximately one hour on Thursday, 4th of September, the runways of the airport in Egelsbach became the stage for a Franco-German government delegation, which obtained information about a transnational education project in the field of aviation technology.

08.09.2014 17:33
Fascination Helicopter - Gerd Eckelmann and Flying
28 Aug 2014
28.08.2014 17:33
Fascination Helicopter - Gerd Eckelmann and Flying

There are still these companies in existence that appreciate their good clients. When these clients are not only very pleasant, but also have an unusual hobby, they deserve special attention. This happened at Mercedes-Benz Wiesbaden, where they dedicated a two-page report to Gerd Eckelmann, on the topic “Fascination Helicopter” in their “Taunus Auto Magazin”.

28.08.2014 17:33
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