Financing with Heli Trasnair

with Heli Transair

Unique in Germany:
financing training costs on site.

Anyone who buys a new television or furniture knows the possibility: the desired products can be financed easily, quickly and cost-effectively on site. A service that the Heli Transair flight school is now offering, exclusively.

"This," says Susanne Herr, Head of Finance and Accounting at Heli Transair, confidently, "will enable us to offer interested parties attractive financing for their desired training in just a few minutes, thus saving them a separate trip to the bank.

"We are pleased to have found a suitable partner and thus to be able to relieve our students of the search for suitable financing in the future, adds Dirk Herr, the managing partner of Heli Transair.

Prerequisites for financing are a debtor with a primary residence in Germany and an employment relationship that continues beyond the term of the loan. The debtor and student can be different persons. The choice of the desired training (private pilot license, commercial pilot license, flight instructor training, etc.) is irrelevant.

With this cooperation, Heli Transair is taking a new and, for a flight school in Germany, so far unique path, which is intended to further expand the service and the top position of the aviation service provider at the Egelsbach and Münster-Osnabrück locations.

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