Michael Meier und Marwin Oligschlaeger von Heli Transair im Helikopter

Multi Crew Cooperation


Learn to fly with the best.

If everything in the air is to run smoothly, the crew in the cockpit must work together perfectly. The necessary knowledge and skills are taught in the Multi Crew Cooperation course.

The MCC course is a prerequisite for flying helicopters with 2 pilots according to instrument or visual flight rules.

Training contents

Practical training

The training for flights according to visual flight rules (VFR): 15 hours in the FNPT-II flight simulator

The training for flights according to instrument flight rules (IFR): 20 hours in the FNPT-II flight simulator

In both variants they act as "pilot flying" (flying pilot) and "pilot monitoring" (observing pilot) half of the hours to be completed

Theory training

The theoretical training comprises 25 hours. In this part of the training, we will teach you the basics of the cooperation of a so-called "multi-headed crew".

Throughout the training, the emphasis is on crew cooperation on possible normal and exceptional procedures and, of course, emergency procedures.

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