Marvin Oligschlaeger von Heli Transair im Flugsimulator
Marvin Oligschlaeger von Heli Transair im Flugsimulator

Simulator training

Learning to fly with the best.


Simulator training in FNPT-II (EC 135P2+ CPDS)

Here too we were pioneers and were the first company in Germany to successfully use a flight simulator of the FNPT-II class, based on the EC 135 model, in helicopter pilot training and continue to do so.

The simulator has almost all the systems you will find in a real helicopter - and enables us to conduct flight training at a high level.


Why simulator training?

We can make your helicopter pilot training with simulator training more efficient and promote you even more individually:


  • You train scenarios that are not to be shown in the helicopter or are dangerous
  • You practice various country situations: different scenarios, helicopter landing pads (elevated heliports), offshore platforms, mountainous terrain and many more
  • You will practice emergency procedures, which we will record and precisely analyze. We repeat difficult situations as often as you like
  • You can concentrate exclusively on this when learning radio navigation
  • Thanks to a worldwide map and navigation database you can fly virtual training units anywhere in the world
  • You fly in difficult weather conditions such as snowfall or heavy rain, which we represent realistically in the simulator, and you train under IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions)

Why this type of simulator?

Airbus Helicopters EC 135

The Airbus Helicopters EC 135 is used in commercial aviation.This is why we create the link to the later spectrum of applications as early as the training phase.

We use the flight simulator for various training and education purposes:

  • IR(H) instrument rating
  • IMC Training
  • Integrated and modular courses, e.g. ATPL(H) commercial pilot license, CPL(H) commercial pilot license
  • Multi-crew cooperation training (MCC)
  • Offshore and oil platform approaches
  • Training of normal procedures and emergency situations
  • Instructor and refresher courses

Awareness Training

Additional training for Robinson pilots

For flying the Robinson R44 you have to prove an additional theoretical and practical training.

In the private theoretical training, we have the opportunity to prepare you exactly for your yearly checkflight. The awareness training is per NFL II 56/08 regulation.

In the focus:

  • Handling with rotor energy
  • Mast Bumping
  • Stall at the rotor blade

Helicopter training per videoanalysis

Identify the source of the error

Helitransair is the first european flight schol with videoanalysis, because little mistakes can occur quiet easily, no matter if you are a student pilot, a young or an experienced pilot. And as our goal is for you, to garant for the best pilot training.

The videoanalysis is the perfect method to avoid the manifestation of mistakes, for example at the emergency procedure: autorotation. Its very important for every good pilot to handle this operation.

You can also benefit with our videoanalysis if you are an owner of a helicopter pilot licence: We gladly support with your flying skills!

  • Four cameras record the flight performance at the helicopter inside and the outside
  • We have the opportunity to analyse each failure
  • We will optimise your flight performance with exact exercises

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