Kunde lauft mit Rollkoffer auf den Helikopter zu

Helicopter company events

Our events definitely make one: Impression!


Our job:

Exceeding expectations

Spectacular all-round visibility, brilliant technology, pure adventure and lots of fun - all this makes every helicopter flight a unique pleasure!

We offer you unforgettable flying experiences for every taste: from simulator training to skyline tours, from sightseeing flights to taster courses. All our helicopter events have one thing in common: You have experienced pilots at your side and can rely on perfect organization. Whether company event or Private pleasure: There are almost no limits to your wishes - The sky is the limit!


Two things are needed for a successful event: an idea and skillful implementation. We have both - and the helicopters that make your corporate event unique.

To turn ideas into tailor-made helicopter events, we take care of the entire organization and all permits. You want to inspire customers, motivate employees or strengthen your image? We keep your goals as well as your budget in mind and attach particular importance to the safety of your guests. Our helicopter events are above all: extraordinary experiences that pass by as if in flight, but remain in conversation for a long time to come.

Simply convincing.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Attention-grabbing events for large and small companies
  • Professional organization from planning to flight
  • We will meet your wishes
  • Efficiently and economically - transparent at all times
  • Highest safety and quality standards
  • Competent service team for all questions about your event
  • Vouchers for raffles of trial courses and sightseeing flights


Sightseeing flights at your event

invest in enthusiasm!


A helicopter as an attraction at your company event or as an eye-catching advertising medium for your company: Heli Transair makes this possible! We have the suitable helicopters for the most different requirements and have the necessary experience to advise you well.

Helicopter sightseeing flights are a crowd puller! To experience take-offs, radio traffic, hovering flights and landings up close and personal will delight every audience.

Whether it's a company opening, an open day, a trade show, a fire party or a completely different occasion - with sightseeing flights for your guests you offer a captivating attraction. In addition, you will reach your marketing goals in flight: Our helicopter takes off directly from your company premises. As your guests take to the skies, you literally stand out from the competition!

If you announce your sightseeing flight campaign in good time, you can be sure of a large number of visitors - the best prerequisites for drawing the attention of potential customers to your company!

You can also use our helicopters as advertising space:

Put your logo on our helicopter for extra attention. The possibilities are manifold; we will of course be happy to implement your wishes and ideas regarding programmer design and advertising possibilities: We organize helicopter sightseeing flights for you, which fit exactly to your destinations.

Skyline flight over Frankfurt

a superlative incentive!

We take your guests to a spectacular helicopter experience: Discover the Frankfurt skyline with glazed high-rise buildings and historic church towers from the air! However, this busy metropolis has much more to offer than the highest skyscrapers in Europe: Old Town, Museumsufer, Mainbrücken, and Stadtwald... If you want to show customers, business partners or employees why Frankfurt is considered one of the most interesting cities in Germany, then our skyline flight over the roofs of "Mainhattan" is just the right event for you. 

Of course, we take care of your guests with courtesy.

In addition, safety is our top priority: Your guests fly with experienced pilots in well-maintained helicopters, which are carefully maintained in our own technical aviation facility.

Helicopter try-out course as a company event

Attention, addiction hazard!

There are many ways to reward deserving employees or to thank good business partners. We have the most original: a helicopter taster course! Before take-off we explain to your guests during an entertaining theoretical introduction why helicopters fly, what aerodynamics are and what flight manoeuvres are only possible in rotary wing aircraft.

Then it's: Roll up your sleeves! Under the guidance of an experienced flight instructor, the participants take over the first pre-flight check on the helicopter. Then you start correctly: Take off vertically, float in the air, land precisely, and fly backwards and sideways- experience the whole fascination of helicopter flying!

We use all our competence and experience to ensure that your company event runs exactly as you have imagined it. Our taster course is suitable for up to 30 participants; for larger groups we can work with several Helicopters at the same time.

Would you like to eat together after the flight? We are happy to organize catering where the enthusiastic taster course pilots can exchange their experiences.

Helicopter scavenger hunt

Puzzle fun for strong teams


When you hunt scavenger hunt, you immediately think of children's birthday? We have a slightly different betting game for you: a scavenger hunt in a helicopter!

In this exciting adventure, your employees compete against each other in small teams with several helicopters. Our flight instructors instruct all participants first in map and navigation. Why the theory? Because each group receives a sealed envelope with a task and has to work out a flight route for their pilot. Then the teams take off with our helicopters for an exciting exploration tour over southern Hesse.

The "hunters" may not only enjoy the fascinating view - several puzzles are to be cracked on the way. Observation, combination skills and perfect teamwork are required when the competing teams have to use photos to discover striking sights and landscape features from the air take photographs and transfer them into a map. A scavenger hunt would not be a scavenger hunt if it weren’t also a matter of speed... Which team solves the task within the given time and secures the victory? However, there are no real losers in our helicopter scavenger hunt: The extraordinary team event is great fun for all participants!

Flying event with traction

Simulator flights in Airbus Helicopters EC 135

You can now offer your guests what our helicopter pilots do every day without a flying license: furious take-offs landings in the rugged mountains, on the nightly hospital roof or on an oil platform.

Before the simulator flight your employees will learn from our flight instructors what a helicopter can do, how the perfect technology works and what is important when flying. 

The cockpit of our flight simulator with all displays, instruments and controls is based on the helicopter model Airbus Helicopters EC 135, which is frequently used in commercial and rescue aviation.

The event is suitable as an incentive for individual participants or groups of up to 30 persons; the flight time is 20 to 30 minutes per person. You can be there live on the large screen in our training room when your guests head for the most beautiful flight destinations in the whole world from Egelsbach.

Two congenial partners

a unique experience!


Together with the ADAC we offer a PS-strong event: The day starts with an on-road training at the ADAC Driving Safety Centre in Gründau, where you will have a lot of fun training in dangerous situations on the road: Reaction speed and a cool head are required for slalom courses, emergency and target braking or evasive man oeuvres on smooth asphalt!

Would you like to offer your guests challenges far away from paved roads? Then do an off-road training in the off-road center in Bauschheim! You can be sure when the participants climb steep slopes, tunnels, ditches and a log bridge in an off-roader: This event will be remembered, even if the mud has long since dried. An exciting alternative: the ADAC Off-Road-Camp. Allowed is what is fun - off-road driving, quad riding, Segway course and Funmobil guarantee thrills and team experiences, which weld them together. 

The second highlight of the day awaits you - you and your guests take off for a helicopter flight from Egelsbach Airport. If you take off from a standing position, float in the air or fly sideways with an experienced pilot with ease, you will notice: Everyday life has never been so far away! You can combine various flight experiences with the ADAC driving training courses: On a skyline flight over Frankfurt am Main, your guests have a spectacular all-round view of the magnificent skyline and many sights of the financial metropolis. A sightseeing flight over the Hessian low mountain range is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the varied landscape and beautiful historical cultural monuments from a bird's eye view. We have a very special offer for the daring: In the trial course your guests, as co-pilots of an experienced flight instructor, get to know the functions of the controls and experience pure adventure in hovering, horizontal and turning flight. Take off yourself- Flying can't be better!

The possibilities are manifold: together with the ADAC, we design an individual event for you, with which you can win over customers, employees or business partners.