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Why Heli Transair?

There are many good reasons why you should do your pilot training at Heli Transair.


Learning to fly with the best!

we have summarized some of them here!

  • Price transparency: There are no hidden costs and no expensive surprises!
  • Our salaried, experienced flight instructors train on five different types of helicopter- you can choose between: Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44, Airbus Helicopters EC120 and Leonardo Helciopters A109S and AW109SP
  • We guarantee optimal support in individual lessons - no mass handling!
  • We haven´t any deadline problems because of our large and modern fleet with individual time management
  • Training experience since 1988
  • We have internal, permanent experts and examiners
  • We are one of the few approved training organisations (ATO) in germany- we are happy to offer you the following: PPL(H), CPL(H), ATPL(H), FI(H), IR(H), MCC, Type Ratings, Flight instructor- and safety training
  • We have all the necessary licenses and resources for the courses we offer: We do not fall back on external companies or their licenses. Our experience lies in our company; we are happy to pass it on to you
  • The videoanalysis with four different cameras establish the opportunity to train with effectively briefings and debriefings
  • Most pilots will no longer get along without simulator training. With us, this is already part of your pilot training
  • When you will finish your education, you have the chance to charter one of our helicopter or to travel with us to exciting Heli-Tours!
  • Experienced flight instructors with several hundred or thousand flight hours as instructors
  • All our instructors are proven experts in their field and teach their respective subjects for CPL(H) and ATPL(H) (commercial pilot or commercial pilot license)
  • More than 35 student- pilots per year- very high success rate!
  • We train at two locations: in the Main-Rhein region near Frankfurt international airport and in Münster- Osnabrück airport
  • Our flight school is our fulltime business
  • The start of the training is possible at any time
  • Get an idea for yourself: Visit our helicopters, training and recreation rooms - we are there for you 360 days a year from 8 am to 6 pm!
  • Electronic student's file informs about the educational level
  • We train in Germany, where most professional pilots will initially fly
  • In our own shipyard you have the opportunity to experience inspections and maintenance work up close - an invaluable advantage for understanding the technology
  • Further advantages of the simulator training: We can simulate flight situations, correct mistakes and train the correct procedures - entry into bad weather, emergency procedures or radio navigation– immediately afterwards
Louisa Langnickel – Auszubildende bei Heli Transair


Our students tell about their training

Details and experience reports at first hand.

Read more about what makes the training at Heli Transair so special.

With Heli Transair to your dream job:

Cooperations and contacts


If you want to turn your passion into your profession, then you've come to the right place: Vacancies for professional helicopter pilots are rare and sought-after - benefit from our valuable network and our excellent reputation in the industry! Our graduates fly! They're all over the world.

Be it in air rescue at DRF or ADAC, at offshore operating companies like Heli Service Int. or CHC, in far-off Sudan, in Nigeria. Also in the working flight with well-known companies in this sector of the industry.


Heli Transair, we are happy to find a strong partner: Heli Transair charter and maintain our helicopter steady. We have a close cooperation and stays in regular contact. A solid education is quiet important for young pilots with less experience and so we are glad to trust in the high standardized and professional training from Heli Transair with comitted and sensitized pilots.

Peter Nowotny - Managing director Euroheli Helicopterdienste

Porträt Peter Nowotny

We are particularly pleased

with the words of Tilmann Frohmeier, Managing Director of HELIX Airline.


"HELIX Helicopters and Heli Transair have been in partnership for many years.The decisive factor is the good reputation of Heli Transair as a flight school in Germany. The cooperation has so far proved to be very advantageous for us: Not only do we work closely together in the charter business; we also have access to a pool of young, excellently trained pilots. So far, we have had very good experiences with former students of Heli Transair - we are happy to continue to employ pilots in our company who have successfully completed their training at Heli Transair."

Tilman Frohmaier - Managing Director HELIX Airline


Porträt Tilmann Frohmaier

„I first met helicopter flying in 1986 and the fascination has not let me go. Helicopter flying with all its facets has become a big part of my life - with Heli Transair I am now running a successful company that is constantly expanding its pilot team.

That's why I keep a close eye on our flight students: If you show commitment, I can either convey it after the training or offer it a professional perspective in your own company. It is important to me that young pilots are deployed according to their training and skills: With us, you fly the helicopter models on which you were trained. In addition, with full responsibility - and not as a co-pilot - so that your first job becomes an exciting challenge. Trust in facts that our employees can confirm. Talk to Mr. Peus, Mr. Puls or Mr. Oligschlaeger. All of them were trained at Heli Transair and are now firmly integrated into our team.

Our experience speaks for your safety: Over the years, we have flown 23,000 flight hours with the training of new pilots. You too can recommend yourself for a job at Heli Transair with great commitment during your training. We look forward to hearing from you."

Dirk Herr – Managing Director Heli Transair

Porträt Dirk Herr
Cockpit eines Hubschraubers


in your future!

With us, you have a strong and experienced partner at your side. We would be pleased to inform you personally about the training as a professional helicopter pilot.

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