Helikopter über den Wolken

You want to fly your own helicopter? 

You can do that too!

Try-out course

The feeling to fly a helicopter, to determine the direction with light thumb pressure and to reach the target without obstacles can hardly be described in words! The best thing is to convince yourself.


In our trial course, you will learn why helicopters can fly and then take off for your first flight. In the cockpit at the latest, you will understand what we mean by "addiction potential"...

Theorieunterricht bei Heli Transair

The theory

The theory we teach you the principle of helicopter flying in about 60 minutes of theoretical instruction in a vivid and clear way. No matter what you want to know about helicopters, aerodynamics or technology: Our flight instructors will give you expert and understandable answers.

Flugschüler in der Guimbal Cabri G2

The practice

The practice on your first flight you will experience the fascinating world of a helicopter pilot up close. Your instructor will familiarize you with the functions of the individual control units and demonstrate all the flight manoeuvers that are possible with a helicopter. As a co-pilot you will experience take-offs, landings, horizontal and turning flight, hovering exercises and much more...

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