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FI(H) Instructor license
for Helicopter


Start where others stop

If you can't get enough of flight exercises and emergency procedures, then pass on your enthusiasm to others - as a flight instructor for helicopters!

At Heli Transair, they benefit from years of teaching and flying experience: Our trainers will make you fit in theory and practice in clear and practical lessons. At a fixed price, of course!

After passing the examination, you may train flight students as private or professional pilots and issue type ratings. Your instructor's license for FI(H) helicopters is initially valid for three years and must be renewed thereafter. The scope of your teaching license is also initially limited. It expands with increasing training experience - until you can even train flight instructors.

Simply convincing.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Our instructors are qualified to train professional and commercial pilots; most of them are examiners and experts recognized by the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation
  • Strong focus on safety and professionalism: Modern fleet, FNTP II flight simulator, on-site maintenance and technology
  • Modern teaching methods such as video analysis and simulator training
  • Fixed contact person during training and examination
  • Different helicopter types to choose from at any time
  • The entry is possible at any time
  • Modern training and recreation rooms
  • Training at a fixed price, no hidden costs
Charter Service

Instructor license FI(H):

Contents and requirements

The flight instructor training include 125 hours of theoretical training with an intermediate examination. It comprises 5 demonstration lessons with student pilots.

Theoretical training

in the subjects:

  • Learning process
  • Principles of the training
  • Applied educational process
  • Development of the training-program
  • Flight operations with threats and disturbance
  • Night flying qualification
  • Management issues during the training

Practical examination

The practical training comprises at least 30 hours of flight training on the selected type of heliccopter. You will learn how to educate future pilots in conventional flightmaneuver.

  • 45-minute demonstration lesson and an oral examination at the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt Braunschweig.
  • Practical examination at the training location on the instructor seat with briefing before- and debriefing after the flight

Interesting facts


Restricted rights

You have to fly 100 hours of flight training under supervision of a certified teacher and you have to supervise 25 solo flights until your training authorisation is unrestricted. The Luftfahrt- Bundesamt will remove this restriction after a recommendation from the supervised instructors.

Duration of training

You have the opportunity to determine the process.

Reduction of the training

The training is reduced if the pilot is an owner of a training authorisation for airplanes FI(A). The contents of the training component 1 are teaching and learning behavior and can be reduced to 50 hours. The requirements are a CPL(H) licence and 500 flight hours as a pilot thereof 200 hours flight training.


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Private pilot licence or commercial pilot licence
  • Voice radio certificate BZF I
  • Flight experience: 250 flighthours thereof at least 100 hours with an ATPL(H) or a CPL(H) licence, at least 200 hours as a pilot in command on helicopters with a PPL(H) licence.
  • Theoretical knowledge of a commercial Pilot*
  • At least 10 hours instrument flight training on helicopters in a Flight Training Organisation (FTO)
  • At least 20 hours of overland flight time as pilot in command (PIC), 
  • Before the start of training you have to pass a proficiency check for participation in the course (JAR-FCL 2.240 annex 3) within 6 months.

Before beginning the flight instructor training you have to prove a type rating of the training helicopter.

*The theoretical knowledge of a commercial pilot are requirements for the flight instructor training. We will offer you a screening in our flightschool to check your theoretical knowledge and fill knowledge gaps if necesarry. The screening is voluntary and a good opportunity to start the instructor training well prepared.

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