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of helicopter licenses


foreign flight licenses

Flight licenses, which you have acquired outside of Europe, or better said, outside the EASA member states, are not or only partially recognized in Europe.

To fly in Germany and Europe, you must have your license rewritten.

Of course, you can do this with us.

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Helicopter licenses


Please contact us and tell us about your license and previous activities and flying experience.

We will be happy to advise you.

CPL(H) and ATPL(H) Licence

The minimum requirements for the appreciation for licences for commercial transport and other professional activities from non-JAA member-states.

A licence issued by a non-JAA member-state in accordance with ICAO annex 1 can be recognized under specific requirements from a JAA member-state for the operation of helicopter, registrated in this state. (excluded the flight training)

The licence holder needs the following requirements:


  • Proficiency check for the renewal of the type rating as per JAR-FCL 2.245 complied on the licence rules
  • Transfer adequate information of the JAR-OPS 3 and JAR-FCL sections to the competent authority
  • The evidence of english proficiency as per JAR-FCL 2.200
  • Holder of a medical class 1 as per JAR-FCL 3
  • Comply with all published requirements, prescribed by the JAA member-state
  • The flight experience in conjunction with the requirements for the recognition

In our trainings brochure we have summarized the detailled regulation.

PPL(H) Licence

Requirements for the transcription of a non-JAA member-state pirvat pilot licence for helicopter into a private pilot licence as per JARFCL(H).

  • Licence which is issued by ICAO attachment 1
  • Medical Class 2 as per JAR-FCL 3
  • Voice radio certificate that complies with the requirements of the competent authority
  • The required flight experience

To get a licence as per JAR-FCL, the respective flight school can request a simplification of the training if a licence exist. We are looking forward to a personal conversation with an individual offer for you. The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt can´t issue a simplifications of the examination (Annex 1 JARFCL 2.015).

In our trainings brochure we have summarized the detailled requirements.


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