Helikopter von Heli Transair

Helicopter training abroad?

The arguments for and against

"I'm going to the US; the pilot's license is much cheaper..." Really?


Many aviation enthusiasts opt for training in the USA because of financial benefits - but it's not that simple. To make the right decision, you should know the pros and cons. It is true that training costs in the USA are in some cases considerably lower than in Germany: The flight hours are cheaper and the fees of the flight instructors are lower than with us. As a guest flight student, however, you will be faced with additional costs: for example, for flights, rental cars, accommodation and mostly for loss of earnings during your training.

With the unification of European air law and the new licensing regulation (Regulation EU No. 1178/2011, short Part FCL (Flight Crew Licensing)); the conversion of a US-American into a fully-fledged European private pilot license (EASA PPL(H)) is only possible after additional training with practical and written examination. In addition, you must prove 100 flight hours as a helicopter pilot. If you have not already flown these flight hours in the USA, the financial advantage is here at the latest.

The conversion of a US American commercial pilot license into an EASA Part FCL license, i.e. a CPL(H) or ATPL(H), has not been possible at all since 2003! However, you need this license to work as a pilot in Germany and Europe. As a pilot with a license from a non-EASA member state, you can apply for a training facilitation, but this covers a maximum of 15 hours in the CPL training module - this is only half of the compulsory hours. This means that you must complete at least 15 additional CPL training hours and 5 night flying hours, as foreign night flying authorizations are not recognized under any circumstances.You must also take the entire theory exam in all 12-subject areas. The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt does not grant examination facilities in principle! 

We are familiar with the extensive legal requirements, which we cannot describe in detail here. If you have any questions: We will be happy to advise you and respond in detail to your individual situation.




for training in the USA


  • You want to fly mainly in the USA or outside Europe.
  • You want to work with a expand your horizons and practice your English.


for training in Germany

  • You want to fly mainly in Germany or Europe
  • You can do the training alongside your studies or profession without taking extra holidays
  • You would like a tailor-made training with individual support
  • You would like to gain experience with different flight, visibility and weather conditions and get to know the area in which you will fly at an early stage
  • You would like to familiarize yourself with authorities and airspaces during the training and thereby gain in safety
  • You benefit - e.g. in case of possible later rewriting - from the internationally higher value of the JAR license