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Dual curriculum

Learning to fly with the best

International study

Aeronautical Systems Engineering and Management (ILST)

The International Aeronautical Systems Engineering and Management (ILST) course combines training as a professional helicopter pilot with engineering studies at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to the commercial pilot license CPL(H), students acquire the academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering and can present an internationally recognized professional qualification in the event of flight incapacity, loss of license or unemployment. This dual qualification as an engineer and professional pilot in the dual system is unique in Europe.

Heli Transair is a recognized training company for ILST studies and cooperates with the Breme University of Applied Sciences.

Bachelor of Science

Aviation Management & Piloting

The dual Bachelor's program "Aviation Management & Piloting" combines the acquisition of a commercial pilot license for helicopters or aircraft with a degree in air traffic management. It is offered in cooperation with the European Institute of Aviation and Business gGmbH (EIAB) (www.eiab.net). After six semesters of standard study, students acquire the academic degree "Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)" and the commercial pilot license for aircraft or helicopters (CPL (H)) including ATPL-H VFR theory credit.

By combining pilot training with university studies in business administration - with a focus on aviation - students are prepared for professional work in the air, but also in the management of an airline or other companies and institutions in aviation. At the same time, the Bachelor's program enables graduates to take up a consecutive Master's program.