Social commitment

We make our mark!

Commitment and responsibility also guide our actions off the airfield.

As a successful company, we are committed to helping people in need: We have sponsored two girls and two boys in poor regions of the world and support various aid projects in our area.

Our charity events with the rock band "Lickin' Boyz" are now legendary...


from Tillaberi

Rachida lives with her parents in Tillaberi. You have access to water and only have to walk less than one km to reach it. Rachida doesn't go to school yet because she's too young. She is in good health and she has not yet had a serious illness.

Rachida aus Tillaberi


from Bagladesch

Tajmin lives with her parents and two siblings in Bangladesh. You have access to water behind your house, which is made of straw. Tajmin is not going to school now because she is still too young. She is in good health and she has not yet had a serious illness.

Tajmin aus Bangladesh

Remy Pierre-Louis 

from Haiti

Remy Pierre-Louis lives with his parents and his brother in Plan Haiti. You have access to water and only have to walk less than one km to reach it. Remy currently goes to primary school and needs less than 30 minutes to school. He is in good health and has not yet had a serious illness.

Remy Pierre-Louis aus Haiti


from Ägypten

Mohamed lives in Egypt with his parents and a sister. You have access to water in your house, which was built of stone. Mohamed does not go to school at the moment because he is still too young. He is in good health and has not yet had a serious illness.

Mohamed aus Ägypten
Lickin' Boyz spielen ein Konzert

Rock im Hangar with the "Boyz „Boyz"

Kassenärzte rock for the good cause of rocking for a good cause!

16.11.2012 - rock for the good cause" On November 3, 2012 the time had come: For the second time, the medical band Lickin' Boyz gave a benefit concert in our hangar at Egelsbach airfield. Seven doctors playing music from the region hung up their white gown and slipped into their rocker outfits. With classics from AC/DC to U2, they inspired the audience in the sold-out hall.

Further highlights of the event: The up-and-coming band "SOUND.FILE", five talents aged 12 to 14 from Mörfelden, heated up the guests. For the good cause, we could also raffle off two sightseeing flights and auction off an electric guitar from the Frankfurt tube manufacturer. The concert in the hangar raised 10,420 euros, which will be donated to the German Bone Marrow Donor Database (DKMS). Since their first concert in 2008, the Lickin' Boyz - which now includes a woman - have raised 127,000 Euros in donations!

Lickin' Boyz spielen ein Konzert

About 11,000 Euro for the Clown Doctors

Charity Rock concert in the Heli Transair Hangar

16.12.2011 - On December 10th our hangar was the backdrop for a special event: the Charity Rock concert of the Lickin' Boyz in favor of the clown doctors in Wiesbaden. Our helicopters had to make room for stage and visitors, and the whole airfield prepared itself for several hundred visitors. The Lickin' Boyz played rock classics of the last 40 years; already after the first song of the medical band, there was no stopping the audience. The concert was a complete success - for the band, the clown doctors and their little patients, but of course also for all 536 visitors: 11,279.70 Euro was raised for the clown doctors!

Four clowns of the clown doctors mingled with the audience and created an additional atmosphere. Normally the clown doctors don't go to rock concerts, of course, but visit children in hospitals and ensure with humor and laughter that the little ones quickly get well again. A goal that not only supports the Lickin' Boyz, but also Heli Transair. In addition to the extraordinary location at Egelsbach Airport, Heli Transair contributed two sightseeing flights over the Frankfurt skyline, which were raffled off among the visitors. We thank the Lickin' Boyz and of course all visitors for a successful concert and an outstanding atmosphere!

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