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Geschäftsführer Dirk Herr

Our guidelines

Trust has to be earned

Measure us by
our high standards!

When you expect excellent performance and a best possible service you will need a strong partner - that is what we stand for for 30 years! Whether flight academy, cargo- and passenger flights, maintenance or events: Your satisfaction is the scale that we measure our success with.

We are a reliable and long-term companion for all our customers, business- and contractual partners. We aspire to a cooperation that is formed by mutual trust and great commitment.



...that are close to our hearts

Quality, QM

For us, flight safety, the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority Safety has no tolerances and cannot be negotiated

Market orientation and innovation

We are continuously improving our products Through innovative and carefully tested developments in all areas we will secure and expand our company on the market in the long term. We focus our actions on the needs of our customers from customer orientation

Customer orientation, external effect and partner

We meet all partner on an equal footing, because our actions are led on a sustainable relationship.

Information and communication

We are transparent, binding, honest and live a clear respectful communication Team.

Team, Cooperation

When dealing with each other, we treat our colleagues with respect, courtesy, acceptance and openness. We support each other and share responsibility to achieve our corporate goals we are open to constructive criticism and consider this in our actions we manage cooperatively.


We promote and demand responsible action with clear and binding framework conditions. We create motivation and development of skills and interests.

Health and safety

The well-being of our employees is our claim. We pay attention to each other, support each other and stand for each other's.

Economic efficiency

Through meaningful planning we ensure careful handling of resources we act economically to ensure the continuity and growth of our company.


that we care about

  • We attach large importance to safety and quality in every detail
  • We work professional and act flexible on the requirements of our customers
  • We offer fair quotations, transperent contractual conditions, sufficient guarantee and long-term service
  • We observe orders and contracts through the eyes of our customers
  • We face each other with respect
  • We examine our processes and structure upon cost- and economic efficiency
  • We plan proactive in order to comply with assured appointments
  • We constantly develop to optimize our quotations and offer inovation throughout our provision of services
  • We feel liable towards the community and employ for social projects
  • We face challenges as a chance
  • Your contact

    Managing Director, Partner
    Dirk Herr
    +49 6103-9415-0

    Dirk Herr (Managing Director, Partner)