New Nominated Person ground operations: Christian Schellenberger

New Nominated Person ground operations: Christian Schellenberger

In order to improve and continue to fully guarantee the security and monitoring of all ground processes in flight operations, Heli Transair has appointed Christian Schellenberger as the new Head of Ground Operations.

"We are continuously working to further expand our leading position in helicopter flying in Germany and to optimise our processes. This also includes ensuring that all our areas of operation are covered in the best possible way," explains Dirk Herr, the managing partner of Heli Transair. "Christian Schellenberger is a member of staff for many years, an excellent pilot and an outstanding instructor. He is therefore ideally qualified to fill this responsible position. In the future, in addition to his work as a pilot, he will be responsible for passenger and cargo handling, helicopter refuelling and for a coordinated sequence of events at our sightseeing flights and try-out courses".

Christian Schellenberger has worked in aviation for more than 30 years. He is an Airbus captain (A320), flight instructor, examiner and helicopter pilot. He also supports Heli Transair as helicopter pilot.

"I am pleased to be able to take off now as ground operations manager at Heli Transair. My primary goal is to comply with official regulations and to maintain flight and operational safety," Christian Schellenberger assures.

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