New flight operations manager and crew training manager at Rotorflug: Robin Holighaus

New flight operations manager and crew training manager at Rotorflug: Robin Holighaus

The helicopter company Rotorflug has a new flight operations manager (NPFO) and crew training manager (NPCT): Robin Holighaus. He has already been a professional pilot with Rotorflug for many years and primarily performs work flights and commercial air transport.

Back in 2011, Robin Holighaus completed an internship at Rotorflug and subsequently decided to train as an aircraft mechanic.
"Ever since I can remember, everything that flies has excited me. So when I was given a helicopter flight as a present by my parents at the North Sea, the path into the cockpit was inevitable and from then on I gave everything to achieve this goal. Rotorflug and I crossed paths countless times in the years that followed, and I finally began my training as an aircraft mechanic there in 2014. Perhaps the best decision in my professional career to date," says the 27-year-old.

In addition to his apprenticeship as an aircraft mechanic, Holighaus also completed his training as a commercial pilot (CPL(H)) in 2018 and flight instructor (FI(H)) in 2019 at Rotorflug and has held his flight examiner rating (FE(H)) since 2022.
"I have always been particularly fascinated by the range of the company and personally being given the opportunity to be involved wherever I am. I got to know the company from the very bottom and was able to work my way up through all the departments bit by bit. At the same time, Rotorflug has always allowed me to think creatively and actively contribute to the company's activities, which has enabled me to expand and develop my skills over the last few years. Now I am looking forward to taking responsibility for my own decisions and being able to proactively work towards the company's goals. My personal focus is on maintaining a positive working atmosphere and striving to ensure that professional working flight continues to be Rotorflug's calling card," Holighaus continues.

"With Robin Holighaus, we are gaining the right man to lead our flight operations," Jörn Muth, Accountable Manager of Rotorflug, proudly explains. Muth continues: "Robin Holighaus knows our company, our philosophy and our values. He is also an absolute expert. I wish him all the best and a lot of fun for his new task."

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