News at Heli Transair

New in service: AS350 B2

The flight service providers Heli Transair, headquartered in Egelsbach, and Rotorflug, headquartered in Friedrichsdorf, have expanded their fleet of helicopters with an AS350 B2 aircraft, which is already successfully flying its first missions on working flights.

Heli Transair at AERO 2023

 The Heli Transair team is making its way to Aero in Friedrichshafen.

New flight operations manager and crew training manager at Rotorflug: Robin Holighaus

The helicopter company Rotorflug has a new flight operations manager (NPFO) and crew training manager (NPCT): Robin Holighaus.

Bird protection by helicopter

The helicopter service provider Rotorflug, headquartered in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt, has been in action with its helicopters in recent days to improve protection for birds on a power line between Bad Bederkesa and Alfstedt in Lower Saxony.

Heli Transair starts its winter break

The entire Heli Transair team will be taking its winter break on 23.12.22, thus bringing the 2022 sightseeing flight season to an end. However, Heli Transair will continue to be available to you for air freight or passenger flights in the usual reliable manner.

European Rotors 2022

This year, aviation service provider Heli Transair will once again have its own stand at the EUROPEAN ROTORS trade fair in Cologne.

Angels can fly

Bright eyes at the airfield in Langenlonsheim. Aviation service provider Heli Transair, together with other flight providers and a company that wants to make flying possible for everyone, organized a flight day at the airfield in Langenlosheim.

Get-to-know and information day in Egelsbach

On 10.07.22, the flight school of aviation service provider Heli Transair is holding a get-to-know-you and information day.

Heli Transair at the AERO

Full of joy and with a lot of information in their luggage, the team of Heli Transair sets off to Friedrichshafen on 27.04.22, because the trade fair for general aviation, the Aero, will take place there.

Change at the top of the administration

The aviation service provider Heli Transair, headquartered in Egelsbach, has started the new year with a change at the top of the company's administration: Susanne Herr is handing over the commercial management of the company and with it the entire finance and accounting division to Dominik Westphal.

Heli Transair ends the 2021 sightseeing flight season

The year is drawing to a close and the team at aviation service provider Heli Transair is taking a two-week winter break. However, Heli Transair will continue to be reliably available to you for air freight or passenger flights.

New trainee in the administration: Greta Scheithauer

With immediate effect, the team of the aviation service provider Heli Transair is complemented by Greta Scheithauer. She is completing an apprenticeship as an office management assistant and thus supports the company's administration.

European Rotors 2021

The aviation service providers HELI TRANSAIR and ROTORFLUG will be jointly present at the EUROPEAN ROTORS in Cologne.

Tobias Koch becomes CAT-B1.3 examiner

Tobias Koch, technical manager from Heli Transair's aviation maintenance operation, is now a CAT-B1.3 examiner on the EC120 helicopter type.

Fleet expansion with a new Robinson R44

With great new features and a super-modern cockpit, a new Robinson R44 helicopter joins the fleet of aviation service provider Heli Transair.

Making helicopter flying safer: Safety Seminar in Egelsbach

Claude Vuichard, winner of the HAI Safety Award 2018, has a goal: from 2025, there should be no more fatal VORTEX accidents. The participants of the first nationwide Vuichard Helicopter Safety Seminar organised by Leocopter Air Services and Heli Transair in Egelsbach felt how important this is to him in every second of the lecture.

Renewals of the FNPT-II simulator of Heli Transair

The FNPT-II simulator of the aviation company Heli Transair has been thoroughly overhauled and newly upgraded in recent days.

Advanced training for maintenance operations staff

Heli Transair's aviation maintenance operation is sending its aircraft mechanic Kevin Lohmann to a CAT B.1 training course in Berlin.

Start of training at Heli Transair

The training of eight new student pilots starts today, at Heli Transair's renowned flight school in Egelsbach. Five of them will be trained as commercial pilots at the aviation service provider's main site, while three will acquire a private pilot's license.

Heli Transair in 2021

The entire team of Heli Transair reports back from the winter break and starts motivated and full of anticipation into the new year.

Travel with Heli Transair in the safest First Class

Where airlines are facing the threat of flight cancellations in the ongoing pandemic and where there is a lot of passenger contact in airplanes and trains, passengers of the helicopter company Heli Transair travel absolutely safely and with absolute reliability.

Rotorflug & Heli Transair

From 1 October 2020, the Egelsbach-based flight service provider Heli Transair will take over the helicopter company Rotorflug from Friedrichsdorf. Heli Transair will then become the only shareholder of Rotorflug, which specializes primarily in commercial flight.

New students at Heli Transair

The new training course for prospective helicopter pilots started yesterday at the renowned flight school of Heli Transair.

The aviation service provider from Egelsbach near Frankfurt is delighted about the new flight enthusiasts.

Heli Transair route planner in the App Store

As an addition to our browser-based route planner, Heli Transair now also offers a mobile application that allows you to plan your desired flight route in no time at all.

In addition, you will find a lot of helpful information about our passenger helicopters in use, which will help you to find the right aircraft.

The app can be easily downloaded via the App Store.

New training offer: Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

The well-known flight school of the Egelsbach-based flight service provider Heli Transair is now expanding its range of training courses and is now training pilots with a view to perfect cooperation between cockpit crews.

Fabian Puls is now Flight Operations Manager of Heli Transair

Just in time for July 1st, Heli Transair has a new flight operations manager: Fabian Puls. With him an "old acquaintance" returns to Egelsbach, after all Puls started his pilot career here in 2010.

TV and radio moderator Marcel Wagner supports pilot team

After his training as a commercial helicopter pilot at the well-known flight school of Heli Transair, moderator Marcel Wagner is now supporting the aviation company in Egelsbach near Frankfurt as a pilot.

New Nominated Person ground operations: Christian Schellenberger

Safety is a top priority in aviation. The protection of passengers, cargo and crew is also a top priority for the aviation company Heli Transair in Egelsbach near Frankfurt and at the international airport in Münster-Osnabrück.

Louisa Langnickel is new aviation security officer

Safety is a top priority in aviation. The protection of passengers, cargo and crew is also a top priority for the aviation company Heli Transair in Egelsbach near Frankfurt and at the international airport in Münster-Osnabrück.

Heli Transair takes off with detailed hygiene concept

The aviation service provider Heli Transair with its locations in Egelsbach near Frankfurt and at the international commercial airport Münster-Osnabrück is gradually resuming its flight operations. Most recently, operations had been largely put on hold due to the spread of the corona virus.

"We have used the last few weeks intensively to review our processes in view of the pandemic and to develop a comprehensive hygiene concept together with experts and in close cooperation with the authorities responsible for us", explains Dirk Herr, the managing partner of Heli Transair.

Among other things, the detailed concept includes careful attention to hygiene, keeping a distance from each other and, for example, operating on board the helicopter fleet with mouth-nose cover.

"We take our responsibility absolutely seriously and will continue to do everything in our power to slow down the spread of the corona virus and to provide the best possible protection for our passengers and the Heli Transair team", adds Christian Schellenberger, who has brought his extensive experience as an Airbus captain (A320) and as a commercial helicopter pilot to the concept.

A new safety video will inform Heli Transair passengers about the hygiene concept and all the precautions necessary for safe flight operations.

"We are now ideally prepared to resume flight operations and provide our guests with unforgettable flight experiences," says Dirk Herr happily.


Expansion of the flight school

For 2020, Heli Transair has decided to further improve the service for customers and to expand the flight school again. The flight service provider from Egelsbach is taking the first step directly towards the start of the new year: with Joschka Christner, Heli Transair is bringing another flight instructor on board.

New man in the cockpit: Kai Horstmann

After completing his training at the Heli Transair flight school, Kai Horstmann will continue to work as a pilot for Heli Transair in the future and will also support flight operations.

Marvin Pulz strengthens Heli Transair

The renowned Heli Transair flight school in Egelsbach has joined the team with Marvin Pulz in order to do justice to the high number of flight students in CPL and private pilot training.

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A109 und BELL407 Wartung bei Heli Transair

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Wir sagen Danke!

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