Heli Transair Helikopter vor der Frankfurter Skyline

Charter and scheduled flights

No time to waste? You choose the destination, we fly you in. Without detour. Without delay.

Traveling could be so uncomplicated.


Have you ever asked yourself how you could attend to your appointments without detours or loss of time? No traffic jams, no check-in, no delays? Whether Germany-wide dates or also dates to your locations...the helicopter are almost no borders set.

We have been one of Germany's leading airlines for over 30 years. We do not need an airfield, no delaying check-ins...we fly you directly to your appointment. Whether green meadow, parking lot or factory premises...we always find a suitable, timesaving landing possibility.


Fleet overview

Helicopter types for various aspirations and passenger flights

Guimbal Cabri G2

Guimbal Cabri G2

Seats: 1 + 1
Range: ca. 680 km
Cruising speed: 185 km/h
Number: 4

Robinson R44 Raven II

Robinson R44 Raven I

Seats: 1 + 3
Range: ca. 640 km
Cruising speed: 205 km/h
Number: 2

Airbus Helicopter H125

Airbus Helicopters H125

Seats: 1 + 5
Range: ca. 600 km
Cruising speed: 230 km/h
Number: 1


Leonardo Helicopter A109S

Leonardo Helicopters

Seats: 2 + 5
Range: ca. 620 km
Cruising speed: 260 km/h
Number: 1


Fleet overview

Airplanes types for various aspirations and passenger flights



Beech King C90
Passenger: max. 5 Persons

Light Jet

Cessna Citation CJ1
Passenger: max. 5 Persons

Midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign
Passenger: max. 9 Persons

Heavy Jet

Challenger 601/604
Passenger: max. 12 Persons

Travelling with a private jet

To travel in a private jet gets you flexibility, freedom, comfort and the luxury to fly whenever and wherever you like. Forget about annoying and time-consuming delays or cancelled flights and decide on safety, punctuality, reliability and discretion. We have the right aircraft for any entitlement and requirement. The slaving of pets is also no problem at all. Just enjoy the full comfort right from the Check-In - detached to the hustle and regular flight schedule you will check in uncomplicated and discrete right at the General Aviataion Terminal (GAT).


Due to the selection of specialized handling agents you can beginn your journey in a calm atmosphere and with the highest possible comfort in a private jet. Security checks underlie the same standards as for the regular flight operation - scince the volume of passengers is much lower the time exposure is reduced many times over.

When you charter a private jet with us, the price and performance match. You are more than welcome to contact us via phone, mail, chat or contact formular - we are happy to calculate the best possible price for your flight and always search for the most efficient solution.

Cost saving through time saving!

Certainly, this special Comfort costs more than other travel options, but only the helicopter offers you the economic advantage: Cost saving through time saving!

We'll leave whenever you call.

No fixed flight times as with an airplane. You can easily use the time in the helicopter with your work on your laptop, iPad or similar.

You have the opportunity to fly from A to B discrete or to use the benefits of a helicopter.

Helikopter auf Landeplatz


VIP-Shuttle Service

You have no drive to or from the airport, no Check-In, no passport- or customs control and no time delay due to boarding or change.

On request, we can also fly you directly to your jet or pick you up by helicopter from the apron of any international airport.

Simply convincing.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • 24-hour-availability
  • Quick and flexible settlement
  • Reliable and experienced pilots
  • Highest attention on your safety
  • Big fleet consisting of helicopters and jets for a great variaty of entitlements
  • Neat, comfortable, modern aircraft
  • You travel fast, safe and discrete
  • Maximum flexibility, even with postponements
  • Personal support
  • Catering, limousine-service, rental car upon request
  • Good price-performance ratio, no hidden costs
Raven fliegt im Sonnenuntergang


Individual Tour

Do you have very special requirements and wishes? Then arrange individual helicopter flights with us. Tell us what you would like to see and where you would like to fly to and we will take care of route planning, flight permits, landing permits, etc. All you have to do is get in and enjoy.