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FAQ: Charter und Linienflüge

01. Can the helicopter land anywhere?

We offer you helicopters with which we can land almost anywhere. As a certified airline we have a general foreign landing permit. For a landing we only need the written declaration of consent of the property owner.

02. Do you only fly from Egelsbach? Or can I also be picked up anywhere else?

We can pick you up at any airport, landing site or even in your garden! If the conditions of the landing field meet the criteria, you determine where the trip starts.

03. Can the helicopter land in my garden?

If the size and condition of the garden matches that of a suitable landing field you can start your journey directly from there.

04. How large must the landing area be?

This depends on the type of helicopter used. In principle, the larger the helicopter, the larger the required landing area.

05. How many people can fit in the helicopter?

Depending on the helicopter, between 3 and 6 passengers can be accommodated in the helicopter.

06. Can the helicopter take me on holiday?

If you don't fancy traffic jams or security checks at airports, we will take you quickly and easily to any holiday destination in Europe. And if it should go further away, we also provide the suitable aircraft.

07. How short notice can I book a helicopter?

Due to our central location in Germany, we can provide a helicopter for you in the shortest possible time. This allows you to react easily to short-term appointments or spontaneous changes.

08. How much luggage can I take with me?

Depending on the type of helicopter and the number of passengers, you can carry not only hand luggage but also large suitcases and garment bags.

09. How much is a helicopter flight?

The cost of a helicopter flight strongly depends on the type of helicopter and the distance you want to cover. As soon as you consult us with an enquiry, we will make you an individual offer on the various helicopter models in question. You will receive a binding offer - without hidden costs - at a fixed price.

10. Is it possible to rent a helicopter by the hour?

The flight is billed at a fixed price. We will make you an individual offer. The basis for this is the route and the associated flight time.

11. Can my company logo be applied to the helicopter?

Are you interested in an event such as a company party, open house or similar? Contact us and we will turn the helicopter into a meaningful advertising space for your company.

12. How far can a helicopter fly?

Depending on the helicopter model, you can travel up to 500 - 700km with us. If you would like to cover a longer distance, we will put together an individual offer for you with an aircraft or a combination of both.

13. Does a helicopter have to refuel on the way? How does it work?

Depending on the flight route and load, a helicopter may have to refuel on the way. You do not have to leave the plane, as in an airplane, for example. We land at an airfield along the route, refuel the helicopter and return to your destination within a few minutes.

14. Can animals be taken on board a helicopter?

Yes! If you want to travel with your pet, we will of course take that into account. We provide headphones to make the journey as pleasant as possible for all passengers. Depending on the size, your pet will replace one passenger.

15. Can a helicopter fly at night?

Some of our helicopters are certified for night and even instrument flying. You can therefore rely on us for a safe flight in almost any weather, day or night.

16. How safe is a helicopter?

Safety is our top priority. We make this promise from take-off to landing. With the instrument flight it is possible for us to bring you safely to your destination in almost every weather situation.

17. Does a helicopter have air conditioning or heating?

Each of our helicopter types is equipped with heating and air conditioning to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

18. What is the payment procedure for a flight?

After you have received our offer, the flight must be paid before take-off. You can do this in advance by EC card, credit card or conveniently by bank transfer.

19. Can the helicopter fly abroad?

Our helicopters are not tied to national borders. The freedom to travel within the EU enables us to head for any destination in neighbouring countries. Switzerland too - we take care of all customs clearance.

20. Is there a check-in or passport control?

As an air carrier, we are obliged to check your personal details before departure. Through a discreet and fast handling we save you annoying controls, as you know them from big airports.

21. Can I make stopovers? Or do you always fly directly?

The flight route is determined by you. If you have several appointments in one day or would like to move quickly from one place to another, we will of course be happy to take this into account when planning your route.

22. Can I attend several business appointments in one day?

Yes! Due to our fast availability, high speed and independence from airports you can attend several appointments in one day. Distances of several hundred kilometres are no problem, we can land directly with your business partner in the factory or in the parking lot.