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FAQ: Air Cargo Charter

01. We need these details to prepare a quotation

In order to be able to provide you with the optimal offer, we need the following information from you:
Freight dimensions, freight weight, pick-up time, pick-up and delivery location.

02. Do you offer Door to Door Service?

Of course! We'll take care of everything. We collect your freight directly from you, organize the transport to the helicopter or to the airplane and of course also the transport to the destination.

03. Do you only fly helicopters? Or can I book a plane with you?

In addition to helicopters, you can of course also book airplanes tailored to your freight. Together with you we will find the right aircraft.

04. How large and heavy may my cargo be?

This depends entirely on the type of helicopter or aircraft. Always let us know the height x width x depth, weight per package, total weight and type of packaging (pallet, mesh box, etc.). We recommend the optimal aircraft based on your data.

05. Where can the helicopter land or can it land anywhere?

We have a general outlanding permit, which allows us to land almost anywhere with the owner's consent. Of course there are restrictions and requirements for the landing field. We will coordinate these with you. A landing on your factory/company premises can thus usually take place without any problems. If it is not possible to land directly with you, we always look for the nearest landing possibility. Whether green meadow, stadium, parking lot or airfield, we will find a suitable landing area. Of course, we also take care of ground transportation to the plant.

06. Where am I calling?

You can reach us 24h under our Air Cargo emergency number: +49 1805 - 333 455

07. Can I call you at night?

You can reach us 24h/365 days a year.

08. Can the helicopter fly at night?

Our A109S and our AW109SP are IFR and night flight certified. Therefore, we can also deliver your freight at night at approved airports.

09. How much lead time do you need?

Normally it takes us about 30 minutes until the helicopter is on its way to you.

In the case of air transport, the lead time depends on the location of the aircraft. Our team will inform you about the exact lead time and flight time in advance.

10. Can you fly dangerous goods?

Your hazardous goods are in the best hands with us! We are certified for hazardous goods and bring your freight safely and with all requirements to its destination.

11. Do you also fly external loads?


12. Does the helicopter have to refuel on the way?

This depends of course on the length of the planned route.

13. How far can the helicopter fly?

Depending on the wind. If we have headwind, a little less, we have tailwind, a little more.

Count on 500 - 700km, that works well.

14. Are you going abroad?

Of course we are at work for you all over Europe!

15. How short notice can you fly?

We will be in the air for you within 30 minutes of order confirmation.

16. Is there GPS tracking so that as a customer I always know where my shipment is?

Of course, we can see where your freight is at any time. We will report the current status to you regularly during the flight.

17. Do off-field landings also work at night?

Yes, we can do that. However, this is associated with greater effort. The landing area must of course be sufficiently illuminated and the weather conditions must permit this special type of use.

18. Do lattice boxes or pallets fit into the helicopter?

Yes, that's possible. Of course there are limits in size and weight. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

19. Who can help me with customs clearance?

We are of course happy to support you at any time with the customs clearance of your freight.

20. How much does a flight like this cost?

Of course, this is not to be generalized, please contact us. We will make you an offer immediately.