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Aircraft freight transports

24-hours service for your freight

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Aircraft freight transports

Our claim: to get your cargo to its destination. Everywhere. Efficient. In the shortest time.

If your cargo weighs more than 500 kilograms, has large dimensions or has to be transported over long distances, we are sure to have the right aircraft for you. This is ready for you just a few minutes after placing your order in any region of Europe.

Long haul freight transport

To enable you to take advantage of helicopters and airplanes, we work out combined transports for you: one of our helicopters transports your cargo from your company premises to the nearest airfield. From there we fly your shipment by plane to an airport near the destination, where another helicopter will pick it up immediately and take it directly to its destination. You are always informed about the location of your goods - thanks to our complete status reports.



Learn more about our fleet

Beech King 200

  • Loading volume: KLT or Kartonagen
  • Usefull load: 750kg
  • Volume: 3,5m³
  • Door measurements: 60x105cm W/H
  • Cargo load: ca. 60KLT 60x40x30cm
  • Max. single piece: ca. 70kg

Cessna 406

  • Loading volume: max. 3 pallets
  • Usefull load: 1400kg
  • Volume: 6,5m³
  • Door measurements: 120x120cm W/H
  • Cargo Load: 2 Pal. 120x100x120cm
  • Max. single piece: ca. 650-700kg

Fairchild Metro

  • Loading volume: max. 6 pallets
  • Usefull load: 1800kg
  • Volume: 15 m³
  • Door measurements:130x130cm W/H
  • Cargo load:6 Pal. 120x100x100cm
  • Max. single piece: ca. 500kg

Saab 340

  • Loading volume: max. 13 pallets
  • Usefull load: 3000-3500kg
  • Volume: 30 m³
  • Door measurements: 130x130cm W/H
  • Cargo load: 14 Pal. 120x80x120cm
  • Max. single piece: ca. 900kg

Simply convincing.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • 24-hour service
  • 30 years of experience in emergency logistics, e.g. for the automotive industry
  • Fast quotation preparation
  • Variable loads on different aircraft types
  • Combined helicopter/aircraft transports


  • Tracking of your consignment
  • Professional pre- and on-carriage
  • A fixed contact for the entire handling
  • Cargo flights throughout Europe
  • Fixed prices without hidden costs