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Simulator Training in the FNPT-II EC 135

Simulator Training in the FNPT-II EC 135

We are the first company in Germany to use flight simulator type FNPT-II EC 135 in our helicopter pilot training. The simulator has all the systems that can be found in real helicopters – and it allows us to simulate their failure.

Why simulator training?

We save flight time to practice sites and teaching takes place regardless of weather conditions and noise restrictions. Even more importantly, your helicopter pilot training can be organised more efficiently with simulator training and we can support you more individually:

  • You train scenarios, which cannot be demonstrated in a working helicopter, or which are too dangerous
  • You practice multiple landing situations: different accident scenes, elevated heliports, offshore platforms, mountainous terrain and many more
  • You fly in difficult weather conditions like snow or heavy rain that is realistically simulated and train flying according to instrument flight rules under Instrument Meteorological Conditions 
  • You practice emergence procedures which are recorded and thoroughly analysed.  Difficult situations are repeated as often as necessary
  • When learning radio navigation, you can focus exclusively on it
  • You can fly virtual training sessions anywhere in the world thanks to a global mapping and navigation database

Why this type of simulator?

The Eurocopter EC 135 is frequently used in commercial flying under instrument flight rules. As a result, the connection to the later assignment range is already created in training.

The flight simulator is used for diverse training and educational purposes.

  • Instrument Rating IR(H)
  • Integrated and modular courses, e.g. Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL(H), Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H) 
  • Multi Crew Co-operation Training ( MCC)
  • LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) with the complete crew
  • CDU-Autopilot-Training (Control and Display Unit)
  • Offshore and Oil Rig approaches
  • Training of normal operations and emergency situations
  • Additional training on the EC 135
  • Flight instructor and refresher training
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