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Do you want the best entertainment? The views are fantastic: on a helicopter sightseeing flight, you will experience overwhelming views and pure thrills, 1000 feet above the ground. We have the appropriate flight for any occasion. And we are fully committed to make your flight experience unforgettable. Since this has already long gotten around: it is probably best to secure a seat at once!

Are you looking for a special gift, but prefer to stay on the ground? With a voucher for a helicopter sightseeing flight or the first flying lesson, you are guaranteed to hit the mark. Thrilling, emotional, intoxicating: this is how our helicopter events are best described.

Sightseeing flight over Southern Hesse
Sightseeing flight over Southern Hesse

Pure adrenaline anyone? Then take to the skies with us for helicopter sightseeing flights over the spectacular region. Buckle up, take off, and enjoy the moment! You cannot get away cheaper. 

Helicopter Skyline Flight Frankfurt

Helicopters sightseeing flights over the skyline of Frankfurt are some of our most beautiful tours. See how impressive skyscrapers, the old opera house (Alte Oper) and the cathedral look from above. The entire old city centre of Frankfurt is another eye-catcher on this helicopter sightseeing flight.

Frankfurt’s old town with its cathedral, the old opera house (Alte Oper), or the old town centre offers an even more impressive backdrop from the air than on a walk. And of course, the skyscrapers are an absolute eye-catcher, viewed from a helicopter. The palaces and castles of the surrounding area also reveal a completely different, incredibly beautiful picture from a helicopter sightseeing flight.

Or do you perhaps have very special needs and desires? Then arrange individual helicopter sightseeing flights with us. Share with us, what you would like to see and to where you would like to fly, and we plan the tour and take care of flight permit etc. All you have to do is hop on board and enjoy.

Experience the Main Metropolis differently – from above! A fascinating tour with goose bumps guarantee. And certainly the most elegant way to give a present to special people.

Castle and Palace Tour

A splendid way to do a helicopter sightseeing flight is our castles and palaces tour. You fly between 30 and 60 minutes by helicopter and visit the most beautiful palaces and castles of the Rhine-Main area. Another very impressive option is the helicopter sightseeing flight over Southern Hesse. You will experience the most beautiful landscapes and many attractive sights from the unfamiliar and therefore very impressive bird’s eye view.

Do you know Frankenstein Castle only from television? Then, it is time for a castles and palaces tour from Egelsbach! The castle, however, is by no means the only highlight of this half-hour tour.

Exclusive Sightseeing Flight

Over delightful landscapes, spectacular sights or your city – we take off with you for a personal helicopter sightseeing flight. You select the desired date and flight route and we take care of the rest. You can sit back later on. 

Helicopter Flight Simulator
Helikopter Simulatorflug

Can you keep your nerves by a landing approach on an oil rig? Take the test – in the EC 135 flight simulator! The good thing is that you have multiple attempts...

Helicopter Trial Course
Helikopter Schnupperkurse

Every helicopter flight is a great pleasure – especially if you take control of the stick yourself! Of course, under the guidance of an experienced pilot.

Helicopter-Pilot for a day
Helikopter-Pilot für einen Tag

Become a pilot for a day! You learn to navigate and as co-pilot head for a destination in the region. Would you like to bet that you will never forget your first off-field helicopter landing?

Helikopter Sightseeing Flight Vouchers

If you do not want to reward yourself, but want to surprise a loved one with a helicopter sightseeing flight, it is of course possible to give a gift voucher. We certainly do not promise too much when we say that this gift will be unique.

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