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Helicopter Overhaul
We love puzzles with more than 10,000 pieces!

Helicopter Overhaul

If an overhaul of your helicopter or an especially extensive maintenance that is flight hours dependent, is due, out team of experienced specialists awaits you at our maintenance facility: Our technicians disassemble your helicopter into its component parts – from the exterior lining to the smallest valve – we check and state our findings on all parts, and build your helicopter back together. In a sense, like a puzzle with more than 10,000 parts.

Our Strengths: Technical Expertise and Customer Focus

We check, amongst other things, the helicopter airframe for cracks and corrosion, double check electrical and electronics, fix leaks and incorporate manufacturer’s specifications or officially required modifications. We replace worn parts and components whose life expectancy is low. We renew avionics, interior, discs and harness as well as exhaust, brakes, tubes and more. When your helicopter leaves our hangar after about 3 months, we have most certainly inspected each part and returned it in its rightful place. 

We can perform all work on your helicopter or individual components in Germany! This is much cheaper for you than at the manufacturer. Our particular expertise – we are authorised by Robinson Helicopter and Guimbal Helicopter – and special tools make it possible. In addition to the unique know -how and the conscientious work of our helicopter technicians, it is also the open and fair treatment of our clients, which distinguishes our maintenance organisation (LTB). This is probably the reason why many enthusiastic pilots have come to us for years...

*** Simply convincing
  • 25 years of experience as a maintenance organisation in accordance with EASA-Part 145
  • Authorised workshop operations for manufacturers Robinson Helicopter and Guimbal Helicopter 
  • Execution of all necessary procedures in Germany
  • Maximum attention to safety and quality
  • Qualified team of Certifying ully equipped stock of spare partsStaff CAT C and B1, aircraft mechanics and apprentices
  • fully equipped stock of spare parts
  • Worldwide contact to manufacturers and aircraft maintenance companies
  • Complete documentation and information about the status of the work
  • Transparent prices
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