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Welcome André Brakhoff
10.02.2016 08:15

Former student pilot and employee returns to Heli Transair...

Already in 2009 at Heli Transair EAS, André Brakhoff successfully completed his professional helicopter pilot and flight instructor training and then worked in that capacity with the company. After his move to southern Germany five years ago, he was last professionally oriented in the far north. We have now come full circle once again - André Brakhoff will complement the team’s flight school in the future and bring his valuable experience with him. By now, he has more than 2,400 flight hours on different helicopter models - including more than 700 flight hours on the Cabri G2.

Dirk Herr, Heli Transair’s managing director: “With Mr. Brakhoff and his experience, we are expanding our team at a high level. I am delighted that another former student pilot is back and working for us.”

André Brakhoff: “I am especially pleased by the way Heli Transair has developed in recent years. The logical expansion of the fleet is proof of the company’s capacity. No other aviation company in Germany offers a state-of-the-art training fleet consisting of four Guimbal Cabri G2 and the use of two Agusta A109. Through my work at other flight schools, by way of comparison, I can say that training at Heli Transair takes place at the highest level.  I am very excited about the teamwork and tasks ahead of me, and I will do my part to ensure that Heli Transair’s success continues this positive trend.”

Welcome André Brakhoff and good luck!

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