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Training as a professional pilot at Heli Transair!
02.11.2015 14:59

Training as a professional pilot at Heli Transair!

Training as a professional pilot at Heli Transair!

The training at Heli Transair proceeds very structured and organised. A choice of two options were available to me: The integrated CPL(H) or modular training...

After completing my A-levels, I wanted my certificate ​​as soon as possible, so I chose the “training in one piece”.

As with any training, a helicopter pilot also starts on the school bench – this means theoretical training.But eventually the time comes when the student climbs into the helicopter for the first time to fly the thing.

The first hovering attempts - a fantastic feeling!

At first, I could not really believe that I was actually manoeuvring a helicopter myself - even if it was only the stick. The pedals and pitch were still operated by my flight instructor. But this soon became obsolete in my case. Shortly thereafter, we already moved onto the traffic circuit and then onto the first VFR flights.

Demands also increased accordingly fast - the first emergency procedures had to be practiced. I can say with good conscience that the first autorotation is an absolute highlight in the entire training.

Very soon afterwards, I was ready for my first solo traffic circuits. An incredible feeling when the instructor disembarks and you are completely on your own.

The queasy feeling however, quickly disappears and turns into joy.

After passing the PPL(H) examination, theoretical training was again scheduled and then it was back to practical flight training.  CPL – means more advanced topics, such as instrument and night flying.

I found the flight tests for private and commercial pilots just as little a problem as the written tests.

Our experienced instructors know exactly when their students are ready. The HTA team was always open to questions, even the older students always helped if there were any questions or problems. It was always a pleasure to drive to the company for the purpose of learning as I have always felt comfortable and there was always something to laugh about.

Heli Transair also offers a special highlight for student pilots. As the company not only trains young pilots but also operates cargo flights, it can sometimes happen that flying hours are cancelled. However, this does not necessarily mean that the student must stay on the ground!  Whenever possible, students are always taken on cargo flights and as such get a fascinating insight into professional aviation.

The absolute highlight for me: to be allowed to fly in the EC and in the A109.

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