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The State Government of Hesse and the Aquitaine Regional Council are Guests at Heli Transair
08.09.2014 17:33

The State Government of Hesse and the Aquitaine Regional Council are Guests at Heli Transair

A Franco-German delegation obtains information about a transnational education project on site.

Egelsbach, 04.09.2014. For approximately one hour on Thursday, 4th of September, the runways of the airport in Egelsbach became the stage for a Franco-German government delegation, which obtained information about a transnational education project in the field of aviation technology. Escorted by a police motorcycle squad, Alain Rousset, president of the Aquitaine Regional Council (Bordeaux), and other delegates and a delegation of the State Government of Hesse, represented by the State Secretary for Europe Mark Weinmeister, and the State Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs Dr. Manfred Lösel, arrived early in the morning at the aviation service provider Heli Transair. 

Heli Transair is a training company within a highly-noticed pilot project for the transnational training of German and French teenagers as aircraft mechanics. The delegation came to Egelsbach to get a lively insight into the exciting daily life and the practical aspects of this project. “Politics can only initiate such projects. They come to life on site within the companies. We extend our thanks to the management and trainers at Heli Transair”. With these words, State Secretary Mark Weinmeister, acknowledged the initiative of the training companies, which in addition to Heli Transair on the German side, include the companies Lufthansa, Condor and Röder Präzision.

The tightly-planned schedule included a tour of the hangar and a company presentation by Heli Transair’s Managing Director, Mr. Dirk Herr. President of the Regional Council Alain Rousset, acknowledged the joint project as an “initiative which undoubtedly has a promising future”. Two trainees who participate in the co-operation project then illustrated exemplary contents of their training, in a bilingual technical presentation. The highlight at the end of the visit was the use of the helicopter simulator that Heli Transair operates for the purpose of education and training. In the faithfully reproduced cockpit of a Eurocopter 135, Alain Rousset could get a very realistic flight experience as a helicopter pilot. The Franco-German education co-operation can be so exciting.


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