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Pilot Training in the dual study composite ASTM (ILST)
21.09.2015 18:51

Pilotenausbildung im dualen Studienverbund ILST

Pilotenausbildung im dualen Studienverbund ILST

As Heli Transair reported in September 2013, two young pilots have set out for France for four months of semester abroad, with two Guimbal Cabri G2 type helicopters, within the scope of their ASTM (ILST in German) studies.

A few days ago, Jacob Rossa - one of the two, successfully completed his training and not only holds his pilot’s licence in his hands, but has already secured a contract for a permanent position. Congratulations!

As part of their university studies, student pilots are trained at the Heli Transair training centre in Egelsbach to become professional pilots. During their modular training, the second module is the flight hour collecting phase and the semester is carried out abroad. 155 flight hours are required to start the CPL training.  Jacob Rossa and Bastian Kirsch chose France because Jacob has knowledge of French and the Aix en Provence airfield is ideal as a starting point.  The helicopter manufacturer Guimbal has it main office there and can provide the young pilots with advice and assistance.

After the two followed the first pre-set flight routes in order to get used to the sophisticated radio communications and the local conditions, they soon took off on exploration tours of the whole of France. The Mediterranean coast to Nice, the Pyrenees, the Atlantic coast to Biarritz, the suspension bridge of Millau... Both have seen France from above and even collected their precious hours and experience along the way.

Even if some projects could not be implemented, both certainly will remember the time in France as the highlight of their career. The freedom as a helicopter pilot to choose your own destination, is one of the most beautiful experiences and probably will not return in the near future.  From now on, the customer determines the flight schedule...

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