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New face at Heli Transair | Bianca Langendorf
08.02.2016 11:40

New face at Heli Transair | Bianca Langendorf

New face at Heli Transair

Heli Transair’s reception has a new face with Bianca Langendorf...

She welcomes guests in a friendly and competent manner, and ensures quick contact on the phone.  Customers wishing to book a sightseeing flight or trial course with Heli Transair are in the very best hands with her.

The trained sales assistant gained her initial experience in the aviation industry at Frankfurt Airport as an assistant in air traffic control at FRASEC. “After two years, I changed from the airport to the Loop5 shopping centre and was again active in sales. However, I have always secretly wanted a job in the office and when this possibility arose at Heli Transair, I did not hesitate” says Bianca Langendorf.

Heli Transair’s Managing Director, Dirk Herr: “We are delighted about working together with Ms. Langendorf, who brings her passion for aviation and is friendly and reliable. We warmly welcome her to our team.”

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