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Integrated Professional Pilot Training EC120
13.11.2014 09:12

Integrated Professional Pilot Training EC120

Do you wish for a bit more...? With immediate effect, Heli Transair offers integrated training including type rating on the model EC120 from Airbus Helicopters!

A turbine and 504 HP make the difference, as training helicopters are usually powered by a piston engine. Rely on forward-looking technology and not only choose a special flying pleasure, but also distinctive advantages. Those who complete the training on a turbine helicopter, lay the foundation for professional success. Especially given that the EC 120 type helicopter is one of the most flown types in commercial operations. By integrating this turbine helicopter into your training, you are better prepared for your future tasks as a pilot. You will be trained on a turbine helicopter, and therefore do not only have theoretical knowledge – no – in fact, you can have an EC120 licence entry to show your prospective employer.

Thanks to the three-bladed main rotor and shrouded tail rotor, the extremely low vibration and noise of the modern turbine helicopter will delight you from the first flying lesson. Digital Cockpit and 212 km/h cruising speed – this makes training a lot of fun! Our EC120 is equipped with leather seats and air conditioning and comfortably accommodates four passengers.

Love at first flight – Heli Transair

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