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Heli Transair most successful Guimbal distributor
12.10.2015 18:59

Heli Transair most successful Guimbal distributor

Heli Transair most successful Guimbal distributor

It continues without a break - after the 100th helicopter built by Guimbal was ceremonially handed over to Heli Transair in June this year, the next helicopters will be delivered shortly.

Later this year, another Guimbal Cabri G2 with the serial number 1123 will be delivered to Heli Transair.  The next three follow in April, September and December 2016. Those are really good prospects! Especially for Heli Transair’s student pilots who have already completed more than 4,100 hours on the new model after the fleet was switched from Robinson R22 to Guimbal Cabri G2.

There are currently 54 active students in the PPL and CPL training and they are really thrilled with the small helicopter from southern France. One more reason for managing director Dirk Herr to expand the fleet: “The fan base of the Cabri G2 is growing steadily. Hence the reason we have ordered four more helicopters from Guimbal, in order to satisfy the ever-growing number of students.  At Heli Transair, we attach great importance to a sound, honest and professional training. The high number of student pilots proves that our work is accepted and the many positive feedback reports from students show that we are doing everything correctly!”

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