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Heli Transair as member of a trade delegation in France - Co-operation project in the training of aircraft mechanics
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  • Heli Transair as member of a trade delegation in France - Co-operation project in the training of aircraft mechanics
14.02.2014 17:33

Heli Transair als Mitglied einer Wirtschaftsdelegation in Frankreich - Kooperationsprojekt im Bereich der Ausbildung von Fluggerätmechanikern

Together with Saarland’s Prime Minister Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer, and representatives of leading German companies from the field of aircraft technology (including Lufthansa and Condor), Heli Transair’s Authorised Signatory and Business Manager Susanne Herr and Technical Operations Manager Mirko Bär, travelled to Bordeaux in France, as part of a delegation for the official opening of the first Franco-German training programme which took place on 20 January 2014, at the Lycée professionnel Flora Tristan. Upon arrival, the delegation first visited maintenance, repair and aircraft production at the Sabena and Serta facilities. These two companies were representative of all French companies that receive German trainees. Afterwards, the mayor of the city of Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region hosted a lunch at the town hall.

In addition, Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer, the representative for Franco-German cultural relations, together with French Education Minister Vincent Peillon used the festivities of the Franco-German Day 2014 to open the first training programme in the field of training of aircraft mechanics. The festivities allowed all participants to exchange ideas, to intensify existing relationships and to answer questions from the press. The Flora Tristan vocational school is located in a castle, hence the exceptional opulent setting of the event. Incomparable to the usual facilities of other vocational schools. 

In March 2014, there will be a cultural exchange in Germany. The delegation, which also includes French trainees, will visit the participating German companies and the vocational schools in Offenbach to gather information about the region and the cultural offers of the Rhine-Main area.

We will keep you updated on the further development of this important project which intensifies the Franco-German relations.

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