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Heli Days Gmunden 2015
11.09.2015 18:44

11.-13.09.2015 | Heli Days Gmunden 2015

The Heli Days Gmunden in Austria are a fixed event in Heli Transair’s schedule every year. Organiser Daniel Ebner called and everyone came, even the beautiful weather: fantastic 25°C and a clear blue sky. This is exactly what makes helicopter flying so special. This year, the event attracted a total of 60 helicopters from all parts of Europe to the Traunsee.

Industry insiders are among each other for an entire weekend and can talk shop to their hearts’ content. In addition to helicopter and student pilots, technicians are also on site and exchange ideas.

Heli Transair is again represented with a large group consisting of 7 helicopters and 25 participants: 3 Guimbal Capri G2, 3 Robinson R44 and one EC120.  Friday morning, the flight briefing is followed by a hearty breakfast in Heli Transair’s hangar.  A 7-helicopter formation flight is a great experience, but requires a certain discipline and experience.  Headed by Managing Director Dirk Herr, the group takes off heading south over the Heubach Airport, continues on to Munich with flyover of the city. A city sightseeing flight with a difference! The last stop is at the Mühldorf am Inn airfield, before all seven helicopters land safely at the event site in Gmunden in best flying weather. The Heli Transair group expects amongst other things an exciting flight demonstration from Red Bull and a relaxing boat trip on the Traunsee. In the evening, organiser Daniel Ebner once again prepared a sensational feast, a real highlight!

On Sunday, the Heli Transair group heads back towards Egelsbach.  After take-off in Gmunden, the first stop is in Eggenfelden before a large pizza meal takes places at the Rothenburg ob der Tauber airfield.  After returning to Egelsbach everyone agrees: next year again please!

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