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Guimbal Helicopter with Floats sold to Norway
06.01.2016 10:15

Guimbal Helicopter with Floats sold to Norway

Guimbal Helicopter with Floats sold to Norway

A few days ago, Heli Transair’s engineers wrapped a very large packet.  The D-HATC, a Guimbal Cabri G2, was sold to Norway and even equipped with floats before its departure...

The helicopter’s new operational area lies in future on the Fjord coastline of Norway, and at the request of the customer, “pop-out” floats were thus installed by our technicians. These are only used in an emergency and are activated by the pilot shortly before landing on the water. The mechanism works with the aid of helium, which is pressed into the floats and makes the helicopter buoyant.

Many different process steps are necessary to equip a helicopter with floats. First, the floats are mounted onto the skids and then wired into the cabin with the helium bottle and the pitch. Holes are drilled, cable pulled and a special pitch has to be installed.  The modification is complete after nearly a week of downtime, and the trip to Norway can begin. The little helicopter did not however undertake the trip flying, but in a large transport crate.

The success of the Guimbal fleet at Heli Transair once began with this helicopter.  We say thank you to the new owner of the helicopter, and wish you lots of fun and success with the D-HATC.

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