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Formula 1 Race in Hockenheim 2014
25.07.2014 17:33

Formel 1 Rennen Hockenheim 2014

When engine noises and the smell of petrol from the Formula 1 race cars are mixed with kerosene and the typical helicopter sound, it is again racing weekend at the Hockenheim race track.

As always, air traffic runs efficiently and professionally around the Heli Transair tower not far from the race track. Those who do not find pleasure being stuck in traffic with hundreds of other fans, fly in by helicopter. From the landing strip to the race track it is just a few meters – there is no faster way.

Well in advance of the Formula 1 race, the colleagues at Heli Transair are busy with planning and organisation. As a contracting partner of Hockenheim Ring GmbH, Heli Transair as a landing strip operator, has for many years been entrusted with the handling of all landings, and directs all arriving and departing helicopters from the tower. In a tent on the ground, passengers and pilots are provided with drinks and snacks.

The landing strips on the heliport were again this year also attended to by two Heli Transair employees. This guarantees that everything runs smoothly, and that there is no waiting time for arriving or departing guests.

The McLaren team including David Coulthard, arrived with us on Saturday and was flown to appointments in the classical city of Frankfurt, in order to use its time effectively.

Sunday began, at the Egelsbach and Mannheim airports, with cheerful passengers who wanted to be flown from there to the Hockenheim Ring. After a personal welcome by the pilots, they were brought via helicopters directly to the Hockenheim Ring. From the helipad, it then continued ground-based via shuttle bus directly to the grand stand. We were spoiled by the sun during the race which was a short break for us, since no take-offs and landings are conducted on the helipad during the race. Shortly before the end of the race, we were however, again ready and looked forward to the first guests who wanted to be shuttled home or to their cars by helicopter. 

In addition to football world champion Lukas Podolski, celebrities such as Niki Lauda, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, again used Heli Transair’s service and were flown in by helicopter.  

Heli Transair’s Managing Director, Dirk Herr, sums up positively: “All flights were executed on time – thanks to the professional work of our staff, all guests, pilots and passengers were very satisfied, and everyone can be pleased with the result in his or her own way”. 

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