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Fascination Helicopter - Gerd Eckelmann and Flying
28.08.2014 17:33

Fascination Helicopter - Gerd Eckelmann and Flying

There are still these companies in existence that appreciate their good clients. When these clients are not only very pleasant, but also have an unusual hobby, they deserve special attention. This happened at Mercedes-Benz Wiesbaden, where they dedicated a two-page report to Gerd Eckelmann, on the topic “Fascination Helicopter” in their “Taunus Auto Magazin”. 

The successful businessman from Wiesbaden has a clear understanding of his choice of transportation means: on the road, it is his Mercedes Benz S-class, and in the air, it is his helicopter, type Eurocopter EC120. “Whereby, considerably more skill and precision is required by the helicopter so that the thrill remains”, says Eckelmann.

His base airport is Egelsbach, and his helicopter is parked in Heli Transair’s hangar. He also acquired his pilot’s licence here, where he was so delighted by Heli Transair that he acquired a major stake in the company. Dr. Gerd Eckelmann holds a doctorate in Engineering and considers the helicopter to be the safest aircraft.


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