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Flight with Dangerous Goods – Radioactive Medication
09.10.2014 17:33

Dangerous Goods – Radioactive Medication

Dangerous Goods – Radioactive Medication

Thursday morning at the Egelsbach Airport. The two fastest Heli Transair helicopters take off with special cargo on board. This time it is not about components for the automotive industry, but about the safe transport of radioactive medication. Operations of this nature can only be executed by a small number of airlines. For several years now, Heli Transair has had approval specifically for the transportation of dangerous goods.

The helicopter of the type Agusta A109S reaches Berlin after only 01:25 hours, and the critical cargo is handed over to the medical staff. A little bit later, the second helicopter - the EC120, touches down at a hospital in Munich by bright sunshine. Some minutes later, the medication is in the operation room, as it is required for a particular examination. 

These particular services offered by Heli Transair are a significant contribution to the health of the patients concerned.

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