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D-HTAN – Ceremonial Handover at Guimbal
20.06.2015 13:55

D-HTAN – Ceremonial Handover at Guimbal

Satisfied customers make entrepreneurs happy – A few days ago, the visit of Heli Transair’s Managing Director, Dirk Herr to helicopter manufacturer Guimbal in southern France clearly ensured this.

Reason for joy: The handing over of helicopter D-HTAN type Guimbal Cabri G2.  Not an unusual event for Dirk Herr, since it is already the 8th helicopter which has been purchased by Heli Transair. The special feature this time: The helicopter has the Serial No. 1100 and is thus the 100th Cabri G2 type helicopter, which came off the production line in Aix en Provence. Behind this is an impressive history of the helicopter manufacturer founded in 2000 by aerospace engineer Bruno Guimbal. Therefore, the handover to one of the best customers was celebrated heartily and many guests were invited – in France, the event received extensive press coverage. The Heli Transair guests travelled with 3 helicopters to the handover in Southern France. There, a total of approximately 150 guests celebrated the event with a great party, among them were Airbus test pilots, politicians and celebrities.

“A successful event, all guests were delighted. Bruno Guimbal is a brave man who has realised his vision and designed a modern, light helicopter - he deserves our full recognition”, said Heli Transair’s Managing Director, Dirk Herr.  “We have ordered more helicopters because the product has won us over. Student pilots and instructors are extremely satisfied”.

And this brings us right back to the start – Satisfied customers make entrepreneurs happy.

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