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Customer feedback: Training as a Commercial Pilot at Heli Transair!
15.02.2016 17:15

Customer feedback: Training as a Commercial Pilot at Heli Transair!

CPL-H passed

I have undergone my training as a commercial pilot at Heli Transair in form of the modular CPL-H course...

I have already been in possession of the PPL-H licence for 5 years; during this time I studied law in Munich and casually collected the required hours in order to begin the CPL-training.

Upon successful completion of my studies, I attended the ATPL-H theory courses at Heli Transair. These were very well organised. However, I would recommend to everyone to prepare well for the courses and to already “click” a few questions. This makes understanding during the course easier and gives you the opportunity to ask more focused questions.

The practical training began directly upon completion of the theoretical training. It requires 20 hours in a helicopter - in my case the R 44 - and 10 hours in the simulator. An additional 5 hours in the R 44 are necessary, if the night rating is not presented.

I started my practical training mid-November 2015 and did my examination flight on the 29th of January 2016. The procedure was therefore extremely quick and straightforward.

Arranging appointments worked flawlessly and since I was very lucky with the weather, I hardly missed any flying lessons!

When a flight lesson was cancelled, I found it in my case as incredible luck - because I was able to fly twice with the EC 120 on cargo flights! The first time we went to France, the second flight to my hometown Munich. These two flights were definitely the highlights of my training - to experience everyday working life first-hand, to land on very limited landing areas and to execute the job safely and quickly - for me that was once again the confirmation that I have chosen my absolute dream job!

I felt very comfortable at the flight school - all staff members were extremely helpful, friendly and courteous! Thanks to the great engineers who always had a sympathetic ear and took time, if there were questions.

Special thanks to Michael, Luke and Fabian, who were always ready, supported me and for example, always helped me to push out the helicopter.

In particular, I would like to thank my flight instructor Mr. Dirk Herr!! He prepared me for the test in a very encouraging and calm manner and always motivated and encouraged me whenever it became difficult again! Also, he always took time for me and I had the feeling that the door was open for questions or general concerns!

Also a big thank you to my other flight instructors Markus, André and Michael for your great coaching!

On a final note, I have to say that I am quite happy to have chosen Heli Transair. The professionalism, friendliness and excellent training have completely convinced me.

Thanks for a great time!!

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