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CRM Training
12.01.2015 16:01

CRM Training

CRM Training

Training - CRM Training

Originated in 1979 as a NASA workshop to increase flight safety, the Crew (and/or Cockpit) Resource Management Training, for short CRM, has become as an integral part of aircraft crew training. The goal is to improve non-technical skills in order to prevent aircraft accidents caused by human error.

It involves co-operation, situational awareness, managerial behaviour and decision-making, as well as the corresponding communication. The CRM training is now a fixed component in the JAR-OPS and thus mandatory for aircraft crew.

Due to the training of Flight Operations Manager, Michael Meier and Head of Theoretical Training, Markus Sandmann, who successfully acquired their CRM trainer’s licences from NTI in January, Heli Transair is certified to carry out the legally required training and further education measures in CRM with immediate effect.  The advantage is that within the scope of the CRM training, the interaction of individual departments will be improved in a target-oriented manner.  Another important element – for your safety.

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