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Cargo Flights – Every Day Work at Heli Transair
22.08.2014 17:33

Cargo Flights – Every Day Work at Heli Transair

For many years, Heli Transair has been a reliable partner of the automotive industry. If an urgently required component is missing, the car manufacturer faces a loss of production. It is good to know that Heli Transair’s sales team always has the ideal solution.

The requirements to be fulfilled by the colleagues are extremely diverse, no operation is like the previous one. There is often only a few minutes between the first client’s call and take-off of the aircraft. Which aircraft is appropriate for the flight, where is landing possible, is the lead time sufficient, how are the weather conditions?

A camera team accompanied one of these operations, and an interesting movie about the everyday work at Heli Transair was the result. From the first client’s call, take-off of the helicopter EC 120, collection of the cargo up to the delivery to the end customer – an exciting assignment.

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