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Career at Heli Transair
05.02.2016 10:00

Career at Heli Transair

Career at Heli Transair

Until a person learns to safely operate a complex aircraft such as a helicopter, time flies – literally…

Challenges to the body and mind are enormous and only few succeed the balancing act.

Heli Transair not only has the most successful flight school in Germany, but also provides – thanks to the modern and responsible training – a secure professional future.

Former Heli Transair students find open doors within the industry.  Many graduates have made a career at Heli Transair itself or at other carriers. They work as professional helicopter pilots in emergency services or private aviation, others are employed as flight instructors and successfully train young talents. 

A former graduate is Markus Sandmann, who made his first flight with Heli Transair in 2008. He immediately felt that he could implement his childhood dream:  to become a helicopter pilot - assume responsibility – become part of a team. First successes materialised exceptionally fast. Thanks to his calm and reliable nature, he never loses the ground under his feet; a very important characteristic in the aviation industry.

Heli Transair’s Managing Director Dirk Herr sensed immediately: “Markus Sandmann has not only exhibited a great talent for helicopter flying. We recognised early on that he is perfect to train student pilots. Good pilots with these qualities, combined with a friendly nature, are very rare.  He seized the opportunity and made ​​a career with us.”

During his time at Heli Transair, Markus Sandmann conveyed these qualities to his student pilots, many of whom he has successfully led to the coveted pilot’s licence since 2011. With empathy and sovereignty, he gives the young students the necessary support and at the same time, demands the required ambition.

Markus Sandmann is now leaving us with more than 2,800 flying hours, in order to meet new challenges at the DRF Air Rescue.

We wish him all the best in his professional and private future!

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