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Advanced Training with Vision
13.03.2015 09:13

Advanced Training with Vision

A good education is like a good relationship - mutual support is the most important factor.  At Heli Transair, great emphasis is placed on this, and for student pilots this signifies a huge expansion of their opportunities.

Some “alumni” make a career at Heli Transair and use their first-class education for in-house training. Only in this way can business objectives be better and more efficiently pursued.

Fabian Puls, former student pilot, now at Heli Transair as a pilot (CPL) in daily use, is receiving flight instructor training (FI-H) in 2015.

Markus Sandmann, head of theoretical training, also started his career as a student pilot at Heli Transair. Following a permanent position and flight instructor training, he was promoted to head of theoretical training.

Michael Meier, flight operations manager, will acquire the instrument rating (IR-H) as part of company expansion, and will in future be available to the company with an important qualification.

Some “alumni” go out into the world with their splendid curriculum vitae thanks to their sound training. 


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