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A109S Panorama Video
23.10.2014 10:38

A109S Panorama Video

Passengers in the most powerful and largest helicopter of Heli Transair’s fleet – the Agusta A109 Grand – enjoy more than just a fascinating view.

The elegant 2-turbine helicopter has comfortable leather seats and enough space enabling relaxation and in particular, fast travel. Up to five passengers can head for destinations all over Europe. The helicopter can easily reach longer distances, such as Milan or Paris in a short time. This is enabled by two powerful turbines which reach a cruising speed of 295 km/h. While the pilots take care of the necessary safety in the cockpit, the passengers enjoy the trip using the amenities of the on-board bar, also welcomed during night flights.

Are you curious and would like to take a closer look at this extraordinary helicopter? No problem! As of now, Heli Transair allows a virtual panoramic view of the helicopter, the luxurious cabin and the cockpit. 

Feel like a VIP and take a seat in our elegant helicopter.

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