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Heli Transair bases Robinson R44 | Neuhausen ob Eck

14. Jul 2014 /

By basing the helicopter D-HAAG type Robinson R44 at the Neuhausen ob Eck airport, Heli Transair responds to the increased demand for air transport services in the 3-countries region of Switzerland – Austria – Germany.

Böhse Onkelz Hockenheimring

30. Jun 2014 /

Böhse Onkelz Comeback Concert at the Hockenheim Ring

2 concerts in 2 days - 200.000 fans - the largest stage ever built in Europe. This guarantees a first class comeback – the metal band Böhse Onkelz is back.

The transition of Heli Transair’s training fleet from Robinson R22 to Guimbal G2 has been completed.

06. Jun 2014 /

The D-HUPS will be the last helicopter of type Robinson R22 to leave the Heli Transair hangar in a few days. Thus successfully completing the transition of the training fleet from Robinson R22 to Guimbal Cabri G2.

Reaching the Jury List “Grand Prize for medium-sized businesses”

15. May 2014 /

Already the nomination for the “Grand Prize of medium-sized businesses” in February this year, was a cause for celebration at Heli Transair. Since a few days ago, it has been clear: Heli Transair has reached the second phase, the jury list. 

Franco-German Apprenticeship Co-operation

24. Apr 2014 /

French students of Aerocampus Aquitaine from the partner region, are in Hesse from 03.03. - 21.04.2014 for a first exchange meeting. The two women and thirteen men are budding aircraft mechanics and are completing an extensive programme including intensive language training, to prepare themselves for an eight-week training period in a company from the partner country. 

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