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Jochen Schweizer Award

27. Mar 2015 /

Heli Transair again receives the award “Top-Partner” from the company Jochen Schweizer for professional interaction with clients in the past year, 2014. “We at Heli Transair are happy when customers feel comfortable and return”.

Advanced Training with Vision

13. Mar 2015 /

A good education is like a good relationship - mutual support is the most important factor.  At Heli Transair, great emphasis is placed on this, and for student pilots this signifies a huge expansion of their opportunities.

ehemalige Flugschülerin kehrt zurück

Katharina Grafberger

06. Mar 2015 /

Katharina Grafberger has realised her dream! After studies, she successfully completed her modular commercial helicopter pilot training in 2007.  Back at Heli Transair as a dedicated pilot, she will from now on carry out sightseeing flights at weekends.

Training with a future

19. Feb 2015 /

Whoever expects high quality and good future prospects from his or her helicopter pilot training, is spot on at Heli Transair. Thanks to perfect conditions and a friendly environment, learning is twice as good.

CRM Training

12. Jan 2015 /

Originated in 1979 as a NASA workshop to increase flight safety, the Crew (and/or Cockpit) Resource Management Training, for short CRM, has become as an integral part of aircraft crew training.

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