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Training as a professional pilot at Heli Transair!

02. Nov 2015 /

The training at Heli Transair proceeds very structured and organised. A choice of two options were available to me: The integrated CPL(H) or modular training...

Neuhausen Station – Sightseeing Flights at Wohn-Schick

27. Oct 2015 /

That was good fun – Last two weekends, Heli Transair’s helicopter made ​​many people happy at Wohn Schick.

Heli Transair most successful Guimbal distributor

12. Oct 2015 /

It continues without a break - after the 100th helicopter built by Guimbal was ceremonially handed over to Heli Transair in June this year, the next helicopters will be delivered shortly.

Pilot Training in the dual study composite ASTM (ILST)

21. Sep 2015 /

As Heli Transair reported in September 2013, two young pilots have set out for France for four months of semester abroad, with two Guimbal Cabri G2 type helicopters, within the scope of their ASTM (ILST in German) studies.

Heli Days Gmunden 2015

11. Sep 2015 /

The Heli Days Gmunden in Austria are a fixed event in Heli Transair’s schedule every year. Organiser Daniel Ebner called and everyone came, even the beautiful weather: fantastic 25°C and a clear blue sky.

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