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Thanks for the nice day :-)

Thanks for the nice day :-)

Thomas Thelen war "Pilot für einen Tag"
Thomas Thelen was "Pilot for a day"

Dear Mr. Sandmann,

A couple days ago, (Sunday, 31.08.2014) I was able to enjoy my special day as a “pilot for a day” with your company. Although the weather was not perfect and at the end, we landed in rain, I would like to give you an extremely positive feedback. 

My pilot, Fabian Kurz, seemed to me very likeable from the beginning. Patiently, and in a very kind way, he conveyed to me the tasks and activities of flight preparation. During the practical part, I also felt very well looked after and safe from the beginning to the end, and as a result, was able to enjoy the flight completely. While eating together, he patiently and competently answered all my questions concerning “helicopters”, and was furthermore a pleasant conversation partner. His calm and confident manner was very helpful, and in this way, the exciting event of holding the stick of a helicopter in your own hands, did not cause too much anxiety.

However, the compliment not only goes to my flight instructor, but to the entire team. I only met courteous and friendly staff. My wife, who talked a bit to the technician and other pilots during my absence, was also very taken by the pleasant contact. 

All in all, I can say that your team and particularly Fabian Kurz, significantly contributed to turning my wife’s birthday gift into a wonderful event, which will remain in my memory for a long time. 

By the way, it was so nice of Fabian Kurz to take a photo of me and the helicopter before take-off, at my request (see attachment). This photo is a very nice reminder for me. I could imagine other participants of this programme having similar feelings. Maybe, it would not be a bad idea, if you include such a photo as a permanent feature of the programme, to give to the “one-day temporary pilots” as a souvenir.  

Once again, sincere thanks to the entire team for this special day.

Thomas Thelen

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