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Helicopter Component Overhaul
Helicopter Component-Service:

Each individual part counts

Did you know that we examine and overhaul individual components of your Robinson helicopter? It is quite simple: send us your components, after detailed inspection, we will immediately return them – and if necessary – repaired to you. After a short downtime, you can take off again – and you are better off than at the manufacture.

Heli Transair has the German Federal Aviation Office’s approval ratings for the C 10 and C 11. They include maintenance and repair work on 

  • Hydraulic servo
  • Spindle bearings
  • Tail rotor blade
  • Main and tail rotor gearbox
  • Clutch assy 
  • Swashplate
*** Simply convincing
  • 25 years of experience as a maintenance organisation
  • Component overhaul for all Robinson helicopter types
  • Execution of all work in our own maintenance facility
  • Close collaboration with you
  • Maximum attention to safety and quality
  • Fully equipped stock of spare parts 
  • Complete documentation and certification
  • Major time and cost savings compared to component-repair/service from the manufacturer
  • Short downtimes
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