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Charter a Business Jet
Charter an business jet

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Charter an aircraft - Heli Transair

The jet is fully fuelled, the route set, catering on board, the crew ready – and once you arrive, off we go... Does perfect service look like this to you? Then you should fly with Heli Transair! Our modern aircrafts are unrivalled by any other means of transport, if you have to travel long distances or travel accompanied by business partners, clients or employees. After all, you effortlessly reach several destinations in Europe in one day – and are back home in the evening. 

We have various types of aircrafts for different requirements. Use the comfort and tranquillity on board, to work efficiently or start your holiday relaxed. Our expert team coordinates every detail of your charter flight and acts according to your wishes and needs. Of course, we can also land at small airports close to your destination. Do you need a rental car, shuttle service or hotel at your destination? We will take care of it all, so that you can focus on much more important issues. For example: What are you going to do with so much additional time?

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